If you’re new to Ms.LoydWrites Start Here to become familiar with how everything works!


Client Onboarding Process: 


This is an introductory week. I will get to know you as a client and introduce you to my services. This is an opportunity for you to introduce your company and services to me and for us to work together on a campaign to showcase your company and brand in it’s best light. This week we will:

  1. Audit existing social presence including: Website, Blog, and Social Media Networks.
  2. Establish Social Media Campaign Goals.
  3. Benchmarking, Competitor Research, Client Defined Metrics
  4. SWOT Analysis



This week we’ll begin sharing curated and original content to selected social channels based on the goals and analysis from week one.

Content types:

  1. Articles 
  2. Blog Posts 
  3. Social Media Posts 
  4. Polls 
  5. Videos 
  6. Podcasts 

*At the end of this week client will be sent a check in to make sure that content is in line with campaign goals.


WEEK THREE (Ongoing)

Campaign Analytics and statistics will be provided bi-weekly or are available upon request with a 24-Business Hour turnaround.

Audience Engagement will continue while looking out for opportunities to continually improve.

Social Media ROI will be determined based on client-specific metrics.