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freelance writing, content marketing, and consulting services for top-brands, small businesses, and mental health professionals

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Michelle S. Loyd has over 5 years of industry experience in psychology and mental health writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting for top brands and clients. She brings a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology to the table. 

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msloydwrites is the ideal choice to partner with for your next freelance writing and content marketing campaigns. 






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msloydwrites specializes in providing high-quality, plagiarism-free web content for blogs, business documents, e-books, social media posts, and more!

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Grow your business and your social following with content designed for your target audience.

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Find information on the latest trending topics. Psychology, mental health, social media, marketing, business consulting, small business administration 

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msloydwrites can help grow your social media following on Twitter, Instagram,  and LinkedIn!


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Professional writing and marketing services enhance your content marketing strategy and give your brand a more competitive edge

  • Reach your target audience with customized content designed to help customers easily navigate their buyer’s journey.
  • Share compelling content with your readers to spark your audience’s interest and engagement.
  • Create brand ambassadors when you meet (and exceed) your customer’s expectations
  • Share SEO optimized content.
  • Customers who report a better user experience are more likely to keep coming back for more!
  • Generate more marketing qualified leads by reaching the right audience for your products and services. 

“Either write something worth reading — or do something worth writing.” 

-Benjamin Franklin 

  • First and foremost, at the top
  • Freelance Writing 
  • Copywriting 
  • Ghostwriting

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Find the best deals on apps, tools, software, and equipment for writing, marketing, and small business users. This list is regularly updated with the hottest offers from top brands and partners to help make work-life balance easier to achieve.


Startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers benefit from using introductory promotional pricing for new products and services and accessing free tools. 

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Michelle S. Loyd


msloydwrites - writer, marketer, influencer, #gamechanger

Hire msloydwrites to support your next freelance writing, digital marketing, ghostwriting, or blogging campaign!

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Keller Graduate School – Atlanta

BA – Psychology

Southern Illinois University


300+ Subscribers

Work Experience

Apple Computer, Inc


Keller Graduate School – Atlanta


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700+ Subscribers

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Verizon Wireless, LLC

Business Blogging Services

According to Hubspot Marketing, business blogging is a great way to generate more visibility online for your business.

A business blog is a marketing channel that can educate, inform customers, and drive traffic to your website.

educate, inform, grow your audience




  • Blog Posts
  • Long-form content
  • Short-form content
  • Articles
  • Listicles


Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing 

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Hiring a copywriter is one of the best ways to assign your brand a “voice” and consistently display that to your audience, followers, and customers.

Professionals at Workspace Digital advise to use a copywriter to reach your audience at the right time, using the right words, and the right tone of voice.

lead-generation, sales funnel, customer journey


  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social  Media Ads
  • Whitepapers
  • E-books
Why Hire a Copywriter?

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When you have a vision for your content but aren’t sure how to say the words, a ghostwriter is the best option for you.

Working with a ghostwriter makes it easy to get your message across with the help of a professional writer.

collaborate, website content, social media content


  • Blogs 
  • Social Media Content
  • Copywriting Content
  • Ads
  • Business Documents
What is a Ghostwriter? All Your Questions Answered.

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“Michelle is a gifted writer. With very little direction she completes projects on time and always delivers material that exceeds my expectations.”

– Jamie | Aquatots

“Michelle turned around articles for me super quickly and communicated throughout her process so I knew when to expect them. She went above and beyond and was a pleasure to work with! “

– Latasha James |

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“Michelle Loyd is a writer, social media influencer, and digital game changer. ??‍♀️ As the owner & founder of @msloydwrites — a #freelance writing, #blogging + #marketing agency — she provides services for local & int’l brands.” 

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Freelance Writing

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