LinkedIn Headline Tips That You Can Share with Your Friends

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LinkedIn Headline Tips That You Can Share with Your Friends

Have you ever ventured out to try a new restaurant that you’ve never been to before? What was the first thing that you noticed?

Most likely it was the décor or the “outside” of the restaurant that caught your attention. First impressions mean everything.

The same is true of your Professional LinkedIn Headline.

Your LinkedIn headline is your professional introduction to the world. Your virtual first impression. The headline acts as a welcome mat to your profile and tells the world who you are.

Your headline tells the world, new clients, and potential employers what you have to offer. The headline also tells them how you can help them to meet their business needs within just a few sentences.

Google May Be Searching for You

LinkedIn headlines now show up in Keyword and Google searches. Having an eye-catching and descriptive headline is paramount to making the right connections on LinkedIn.

You wouldn’t invite customers to eat at a restaurant that was dirty on the outside would you?

Don’t Invite Potential Prospects to a Dirty LinkedIn Headline

Use the LinkedIn Headline space to tell prospective employers and partners:

  • What problem you can solve for them.
  • What skills you have to offer.
  • Be authentic. It does no good to present a profile of someone that you actually “aren’t” or showcasing things that you actually “can’t” do. When the time comes to close you have to be able to show up as your best and most authentic self.

Having a carefully thought out and professionally written headline can help you launch or to grow your career faster on LinkedIn.

Clean Up Your LinkedIn Headline

The following are tips on how to update your headline from LinkedIn.

Once you are logged in to the LinkedIn platform:

1, Click on the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn Homepage.

2. Click “View Profile

3. Click on the Edit icon next to your profile picture

4. Type your changes into the Headline text box.

5. Click Save.

Source: LinkedIn

You should now be able to see your new squeaky-clean headline and are now ready to make the right connections on LinkedIn.


*Stay tuned for more updates and tips on how to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

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