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Popular Posts

Wondering how to display your best posts on your WordPress website where users can easily find them?

Introducing the MonsterInsights Popular Posts feature for WordPress users!


MonsterInsights, the maker of custom WordPress plugins, has recently introduced a new feature that makes it easy to display your best products, pages and posts on WordPress. 

The new Popular Posts feature in the plugin. We’ll also talk about the benefits of using the plugin  to display top posts to generate leads, traffic, and subscribers on your website.


  • Designed for WordPress users.
  • Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Editor
  • Boost your website traffic, subscribers, and conversions
  • Easily accessible from the WordPress admin

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MonsterInsights is an analytics plugin built especially for WordPress users. The MonsterInsights plugin provides WordPress admins with the same information as Google Analytics — in an easier-to-read format. The dashboard can be accessed from the WordPress admin and provides users with daily, weekly, and monthly updates on important website statistics and key performance indicators that tell you how well your website is doing. The latest feature of the plugin provides users with an easy way to display popular posts where they won’t be missed by potential leads and new subscribers. 

Display Popular Posts on WordPress

If you already use MonsterInsights for website analytics tracking, you’ll be happy to know there is a new “popular posts” feature that makes it even easier to display (and track performance) for your best WordPress content.

This long-awaited feature that tracks your WordPress data via MonsterInsights and Google Analytics —  has finally made it’s debut.

Monsterinsights users can now showcase their best content anywhere on their website. This means that your subscribers and users no longer have to dig through the archives or scour the web to access your top-performing content.

The Popular Posts and Contextual Insights feature is designed to help website owners, bloggers, marketers, and e-commerce store owners to get more page-views, improve engagement, (and keep more visitors on your site.)

The built-in drag and drop editor makes it easy to select the desired theme for your popular posts list and quickly display them anywhere on your site.

The plugin’s settings and features are easily accessible from the WordPress admin dashboard. Having the feature available inside of the WordPress menu makes adding your best content to prominent places on your website easy and simple.

One of the best things about this new feature is that the Popular Post and Contextual Insights plugin allows users to display up to 10 of their best articles at once!

When you use the popular posts feature of the plugin, your most popular posts and content are displayed within existing posts, sidebars, footers, and widgets. Content is selected via Google Analytics and lists are designed in an attractive format that makes it easy for users to follow links to popular articles, products, services and pages.

Advanced WordPress users will be happy to know that popular posts lists can be customized to match your WordPress theme.

Following are examples of customizable features.

  • Themes 
  • colors
  • fonts
  • layouts
  • customization options
  • add label text

Other options available for editing include: comments, shared count, and the curated option.

There is also an option to automatically add the top 5 performing post from the last 30 days when using the curated option.

The MonsterInsights popular posts list feature is beneficial for blogs and website with e-commerce features. Use the popular products feature to show off your top-selling products and inform potential customers about specials and sales.


Click the link below for instructions on

How to Display Popular Posts Lists on WordPress

via MonsterInsights

Bonus Feature: Contextual Insights 

Popular posts lists isn’t the only new feature included in the latest MonsterInsights WordPress plugin update. The latest version also includes a new feature called “Contextual Insights.”

This feature is designed to send automated notifications to your admin email. The goal is to proactively inform you about your website performance. Proactively resolve issues with your WordPress website.

Using Contextual Insights can help savvy marketers boost the amount of  marketing qualified leads, sales, conversions, and subscribers received with automated insights that help grow your business.

Contextual Insights helps helps drill-down the most important data about new and returning visitors for your WordPress websites.

Learn where the majority of your website traffic is coming from and how visitors are using your site. Are they using your site as a top-authority reference site? Linking to other sites? Ordering specific products and services? This bonus feature can help answer these important questions.

More WordPress-Powered Features from MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights has been deemed one of the best analytics plugins for WordPress users. In addition to providing access to the Popular Posts and Contextual Insights feature , the MonsterInsights plugin also provides users with access to the following features inside of the WordPress admin at-a-glance.


  • Google Analytics Dashboard 
  • WooCommerce Analytics 
  • Affiliate Link Tracking 
  • EU Compliance (GDPR) 
  • Form Conversion Tracking 
  • WordPress Ads Tracking 
  • WordPress Stats Dashboard 
  • Popular Post Tracking 
  • WordPress Event Tracking

Now that you’ve got the scoop on this long-awaited feature from MonsterInsights, you can publish your own popular posts and view relevant insights via the WordPress admin when you download and install this plugin.

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According to analytics experts like Investopedia, using analytics can help make better business decisions, improve content planning, and save both time and money when you identify challenges in your workflow.
People who use data analytics have the advantage of seeing the “bigger picture” over their competitors.

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