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After years of engaging with followers, brands, influencers, and friends — I’m pleased to announce that we’ve passed the five-thousand mark on Twitter! 

It’s been an amazing ride. When I first joined Twitter, I didn’t realize how much it actually fit into my lifestyle. I also didn’t realize that Twitter would become my favorite app of all time. When I’m looking for up-to-date news or information, I can find it on Twitter. 

I’ve learned so much from business leaders and influencers like @WinnieSun who owns the Sun Financial Group. Joanne Corley (aka as “boss lady”) is the person who has been following @msloydwrites the longest. If you’re an influencer, consumer, or brand, there’s something on Twitter for everyone. 



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these 7 Twitter users have had a Huge impact on my journey to five-thousand followers! 









The Real Marsha Wright 

Serial Entrepreneur As Seen on TV


Marsha Wright is a social media influencer and television personality. She has her own inspirational hashtag used to uplift and inspire millions of Twitter users each week. 

Hashtag (s): #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha

Website: https://reciprocatenetwork.com

Categories: social media, entrepreneurship, television personality, CEO, business, leadership, female entrepreneurs 

Follow for an inspiration and a mental health boost Friday through Sunday on Twitter. 



JOann corley – Schwarzkopf

executive advisor


Joann Corley is a Global Management and HR Influencer who specializes in helping C-Level executives improve their leadership skills. She tweets regularly about leading by example, psychology in leadership, and common sense leadership strategies. 

Hashtag(s): #leadership, #HR, #management, #CSuite

Website: joanncorley.com

Handle(s): @joanncorley

Categories: leadership, entrepreneurship, business development, leadership development, consulting, CEO, business, leadership, female entrepreneurs, social influencer. 

Follow for advice on leadership development and business leadership advice. 



winnie sun 

wealth whisperer


Winnie Sun is a virtual keynote speaker, brand influencer, television personality, and host of a weekly financial awareness chat on Twitter.

They have featured her on popular networks like CNBC, Forbes, and NASDAQ.

Hashtag(s): #WinnieSun

Website: https://sungroupwp.com

Weekly Twitter Chat: #WinnieSun, Wednesdays at 11am Pacific Time on Twitter 

Categories: social media, entrepreneurship, television personality, CEO, business, leadership, female entrepreneurs, wealth management, social influencer. 

Follow for advice on wealth management and weekly Twitter chats on financial education.



Mindfulness wisdom

retired teacher – trainer


If you’re looking for daily inspiration, wisdom, and motivational content, definitely follow this account. Mindfulness Wisdom is an inspirational Twitter account that provides down-to-earth and realistic advice for overcoming life’s challenges. If you’re ever feeling down and out, scroll their timeline for real-life wisdom and advice. 

Categories: health and wellness, fitness, mental health, psychology, inspiration, motivation





all-in-one seo platform


The SerpStat team tweets out regular advice on how to improve SEO for blogs and websites. Along with regular updates and tips, this SEO group also hosts regular Twitter Chats that get the audience involved.

Hashtag(s): #SerpStat, #SerpStat_Chat

Website: https://serpstat.com

Weekly Twitter Chat: #serpstat_chat, Wednesdays at 12pm ET Twitter 

Categories: SEO, search engine optimization, SERP, SEM, search engine marketing, SEO tips

Follow SerpStat to learn how to improve your SEO. Ask questions to engage with the SerpStat team and the SEO community by attending their weekly #Serp_StatChat. 



Marcia Lynn-Paul 

“Freckle-faced poet”


Marcia Lynn Paul is a writing community influencer who tweets about writing tips, writing prompts, and provides inspirational writing advice. She regularly ignites thought-provoking conversations on Twitter in the writing community and beyond.  

Hashtag(s): #writingcommunity, #amwriting, #writingtips, #writingprompts #inspiration




ivan bres

“everything and nothing”


Ivan Bres is one of my most engaged Twitter followers. He always lets me know that the content I’m sharing is being received and appreciated by the quieter members of the audience. I can always count on Ivan to let me know if the content I’m sharing is adding value to the community! 

Follow Ivan Bres to interact with an engaged user and updates on cool giveaways and contests happening on Twitter.



Fun Twitter Facts! 


According to Brandwatch

There are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter 

145 million of these are daily users.

22% of Americans are on Twitter.

“707 is the average number of followers.

Click here to read the complete Brandwatch report.




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