Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Promote brands using various forms of digital media, internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital mediums.

Email Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Content Writing, Copywriting, SEO

Digital Marketing – Tier 1

Digital Marketing Price Flyer - Tier 1 (5.1.18)

Ideal for: Clients that are new to Social Media Marketing and getting started with brand development. This plan promotes: Attracting new customers and promoting brand awareness.

 Social Media Marketing – Tier 2 

Digital Marketing Price Flyer - Tier 2 (5.1.18)

Ideal for: Clients in the process of growing their fan base and increasing brand awareness. This plan promotes brand awareness, customer relationship management, increasing sales, and brand management.

*Recommended Plan for Startups

Social Media Marketing – Tier 3 

Digital Marketing Price Flyer - Tier 3 (5.1.18)

Ideal for: Clients with an established fan base and multiple active Social Networks. This plan promotes continued relationship building, customer service, engagement and rapport with the brand's audience.

Social Media Marketing – Hourly
Hourly Management across all platforms without a plan is billed at 45.00 |hr.

Digital Marketing Consulting |Strategy Session


  • 60 Minute Consultation via Skype or Chat
  • Social Media Audit
  • Business Research
  • (4) Page Customized Strategy
  • Customized brand  strategy based on the factors above, delivered within (2) business days via email or download.
Cost: 175.00| Session 

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