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COVID-19 Resources and links [updated for 2021] 

by: msloydwrites 


Free guide for finding coronavirus-related resources 

We created this free guide to make it easier for everyone to find resources, information, and support for the global pandemic that continues to rage throughout North America and around the globe.  



  1.  Centers for Disease Control
  2.  Coronavirus Relief Options – SBA
  3. Paycheck Protection Program – SBA
  4. Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Payments – IRS 
  5. Economic Impact Payments – IRS 
  6. Get My Payment – IRS
  7. Centers for Disease and Prevention – COVID-19 
  8. Coronavirus Resources – US Dept. of Labor
  9. Learn How to File for Unemployment Benefits in Your State – Career One Stop
  10. CVS Health is offering No-Cost Coronavirus Testing – CVS



Testing for COVID-19 – CDC

**check for weekly updates!


We’re all in this together.” 




What’s Inside – Links and Resources 



  1. Nationwide Health Orgs
  2. World Health Organizations
  3. Centers for Disease Control 
  4. Testing Information  
  5. Information for Businesses
  6. Information for Individuals
  7. Information for Families 
  8. Recommended Reading 





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