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Why I Love Social Media Marketing for Inbound Marketing (and You Should Too) 

A look at Social Media Marketing under the Inbound Marketing umbrella


Social Media Marketing – How to Stop Wasting Time and Money (So You Can Reach the Right Customers)

Learn how to make the most of your social media marketing efforts and stop wasting time and money

Social Media Marketing Intro: Ms.LoydWrites

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The GIF is turning 30 this year!!

The GIF is turning 30 this year. The GIF has provided us with a revolutionary way to communicate a large amount of information in a short video-clip format. Who knew that the GIF was a millennial? The GIF is one of my favorite forms of communicating via Social Media. When you're trying to get "just" the …

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Simple Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter Power Users 🔥🔥🔥

If you're like me, then you use Twitter for Marketing and Social Media Management. A Lot. I'm always looking for new Twitter features to make my job easier, and also just for fun! I found these Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts at Post Planner  and had to share! The shortcuts below are for both PC and Mac …

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