B2B | Startup Services

Ms. Loyd Writes provides services for Business to Business clients and Startups.

The services provided are outlined in detail below. The ultimate goal of the services provided is to assist clients with retaining and attracting new business and enhancing business productivity in the following areas: Lead Generation, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Business Operations, Recruiting, Human Resource Management.

The issues and concerns of your business are addressed from Startup to Scale with the following services:

Digital Marketing

Gain Unlimited Exposure.  More than 2 billion people are online everyday. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.


Your customers are online, your clients are online, your partners are ...online.



” Your business needs to be marketing online.

Social Media Marketing
Analytics, Benchmarking, Business Intelligence, Industry Research, Community Building, Audience Engagement and Support,Customized Services, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Consulting
 learn about your target audience's needs on-demand and to take immediate action. Create influence in your industry, enhance your brand's reputation and connect with your customers in a more meaningful way.

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Newsletters
Connect with your customers on a regular basis to build and maintain lasting business relationships. Give your clients and customers something to look forward to related to business updates and performance.

Business Blogs | Content | Copywriting 

Research, Analytics, Content Curation, Evergreen Content, Graphic Design
Keep your customers, clients and partners informed about the latest trends happening with your business. Build trust by providing authentic content and telling your brand story.

Small Business Startup Services

Marketing Strategy, Marketing Campaign Management, Marketing Analytics, Copywriting, Consulting, Business Incorporation, EIN Numbers, CRM Recommendation, Training Materials, Recruiting, New Hire On-boarding Assistance

**All services are available individually or as a part of a packaged rate.

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