Why I Love Social Media Marketing for Inbound Marketing (and You Should Too) 



Social Media Marketing has taken off in a very unexpected way.
While many companies and individuals are taking advantage of this new form of digital marketing, there are tons of unanswered questions behind the science of what social media marketing actually “is.”
In this post, we’ll explore the secrets behind social media marketing and what makes it tick.
Let’s get started.

Social Media Marketing is a component of Inbound Marketing.

For those of you who may be confused on what Inbound Marketing actually is, here’s a definition:
Inbound Marketing is a customer-centric marketing method that allows potential buyers of goods and services to come to you.
Many of us are familiar with the traditional “Outbound” standard of marketing where customers are contacted regarding goods and services that they may not even need or want.
According to HubSpot this outdated method of marketing is “marketing-centric” and also interruptive to your audience.

Customer- Centric Marketing is The New Normal
Inbound marketing is “customer-centric” which means that the focus is on solving a need or problem for the customer by providing great content and information for them to research on their own time.
Once the customer has completed their research process, they are ready to contact the company that best meets their needs to resolve their issue.
HubSpot refers to the customer research process as: “The Buyers Journey.” Here is an example of the research process:


This begins the process of customers visiting your website, checking out your blog, social media pages, and determining the value of your product or service based on reviews or word of mouth marketing.
A great product or service sells itself.
As a marketer, your job is not really “selling” anything to your audience.
Inbound Marketing for the New Digital Age
Your job as an Inbound Marketer is to provide the most informative content to your audience to help them to make the best buying decision, for “their” needs.
Make sense?
Marketing in the new age comes with a new set of standard rules and practices than the traditional outbound marketing method that many seasoned marketers are most familiar with.
Customers are now more informed than ever and have a variety of options to choose from.

Did you know that most customers have already made 60% of their buying decision in advance before they even reach out and being researching options such as visiting company websites and following brands on social media?

This means that they already know “what” they want. The next step in their process is to decide “where”  or “who” they are going to get it from.
In order to earn more customers, it’s important that you are the best at what you do.
Get to know your target audience, their wants, their needs, likes and dislikes, and genuinely provide both content and a solution that will resolve their issue.
Create buyer personas and solve the real issues that these potential customers are having.
This. Is what Inbound Marketing is all about.

Inbound Marketing Summary:
Customer – Centric
Customers Come to You
Solves Real-Life Problems for Your Audience

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Happy Marketing!



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