Social Customer Service For Business

The way that businesses and consumers communicate looks drastically different than it ever has before. Gone are the days of automated customer services lines or long wait times on hold to have an issue resolved. We have now fully entered the Digital Age and along with that comes a rapidly growing new business trend called:  “Social Customer Service.”

What is Social Customer Service?

Traditional Customer Service + Social Media Channels = “Social Customer Service”

Social Customer Service is the Digital World’s answer to traditional customer service. Consumers can now reach out to brands directly and almost instantly in order to get a resolution to their issues. Smart businesses have taken to their social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter to resolve customer issues and to answer questions. Customers are able to send a “Direct Message or “Tweet” to a particular agency or brand and to receive a timely, public response.

Agencies like Conversocial  have determined that the power of Social Customer Service is really in the hands, of the customer. It is up to brands to engage and to provide service in the same manner of at least equivalent to, if not better service than their competitors. The entire world is literally watching.

“A Brand is The Sum Of Every Interaction It Has With Its Customers.”-Conversocial

For customers, the benefits of using Social Customer Service include: Having a personalized interaction with brands,  receiving timely responses to issues, and most of all being able to share their experiences with other customers, friends, and family. In other words “socializing” while taking care of business at the same time. Does it get any better?


Social Customer Service: Benefits for Business

For businesses, the use of Social Customer Service is just smart. Social Customer Service provides businesses with an inexpensive channel to publicly resolve customer inquires and to provide service while putting their best foot forward for all of the world to see. In this case what is also happening is that businesses are able to combine the facets of customer service and marketing while decreasing spending in both areas. There’s more. This is not only a win in the area of Customer Service Support and Marketing. By responding to customers and resolving inquires in a timely manner, businesses are able to win customer loyalty which directly equates to increased customer retention and dollars spent by customers. The more loyalty that a customer has to a brand, the more money they are going to spend with that brand.

Source: Conversocial  (2016 )

Personal Experience

In a recent Twitter Chat hosted by #Luv4Social the general consensus among chatters, (myself included) was that Social Customer Service is indeed a good thing. My personal social preference for communicating with brands is via Twitter. I enjoy using the platform and the 140 character limit keeps most interactions clean, to the point, and relevant. From my experience brands generally will respond within the hour. I have yet to submit a request or question that hasn’t been answered. For additional members of the chat, which included Applebee’s International ( who chimed in immediately at the mention of their Twitter handle @Applebees),this seems to be a regular practice for brands as other chat  also members reported similar experiences.

I have to admit that Applebee’s joining the discussion at the mention of their name was very cool, and also shows the power of Social Customer Service in action. Having them to personally acknowledge me wasn’t all that terrible of an experience either. I’m an introvert. I don’t get out much, but somehow I’m able to communicate with Applebee’s?

Social Customer Service. 

Based on trends, research, and personal experience, I would say that Social Customer Service is an awesome, and mutually beneficial outlet that should be here to stay.


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