Are You Really Who Your Digital Profile Says You Are?

January 2, 2017

It’s finally happened. I’m doing my happy dance!

The Digital Revolution has begun. I’ve always been slightly ahead of my time, so I feel like I have been preparing for this thing, for a while. Smartphones, Social Media, Tablets, E-Readers, Smart Books, Laptops, they’re everywhere! An Introverts dream.

This is the new way that we all connect. We now integrate our daily lives with our online lives. They are essentially one and the same.

With the ushering in of all of these cool new technological advances, networks, and gadgets, there are quite a few changes that we all have to adjust to daily. The new Digital Revolution actually begs us to address the topic of Authenticity.

Are we”really” who we “say” we are?

Take a look at all of your online profile(s). These profiles make up your Digital Footprint or Portfolio. These are our “Virtual First Impressions” Essentially ,there may be some differences in content, but overall there shouldn’t really be a drastic difference in who our Digital Profile portrays us to be, versus who we actually “are” offline.

Gone are the days of “keyboard warriors” and hiding behind a mask. Search engine sites like Google have taken care of that. Anonymity in the Digital Age seems to be a near impossibility. Our lives are in full public view and on display in one way or another. A quick Google search can reveal most hidden truths.

The Digital Revolution has arrived and its’ causing us to take a look at our “actual” selves in a whole new light.

Now is the time to test out all of those theories that you learned from your parents, in college, on the job training, and all of those bullet points that you have highlighted, on your resume.

Are you really, who your Digital Profile says you are?

If the answer is no, it may be time for an Audit.

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